Getting Approved by Affiliate Networks

There’s no simpler way to start earning an income online than to promote good CPA and other affiliate offers.

The one roadblock many people face, though, is getting accepted into a CPA network in the first place.

The purpose of this article is to show you how you too can have your application accepted in an affiliate network.

Begin With Small Networks: Since the larger networks are usually stricter, it makes sense to first try to get into smaller ones, where you have a better chance of success. The reason for this is, the more popular networks out there have to deal with lots of applications on a daily basis, which is why they try to sort out and go for the experienced affiliates. It’s a completely different story with a lesser known network, where you’ll find that you’re likely to get approved without much fanfare. There’s no reason why you can’t apply to a wide range of networks, large and small. Yet if you’re rejected by the larger ones, why not apply to some small ones, where you can make a good start until you’ve gained some experience? It’s all about getting started as soon as possible, without delaying much. You’ll feel more confident if you can make some sales right away, and then it won’t be long before the larger networks will be glad to have you.

Getting Approved by Affiliate Networks

Getting Approved by Affiliate Networks

You’ll Need a Phone: Most affiliate networks won’t accept your application until you’ve supplied a phone number that can be verified. In order to get accepted into most companies that are CPA oriented, you’ll have to answer a phone call. Make sure you’re around to answer a phone call if you want to get accepted. You may want to get a new phone number that’s used exclusively for this business so you can be sure that you won’t miss any calls. You should also have your voice mail set up in an efficient way so that if you do miss a call that it sounds like you’re running a real business. While you should do your best to convince the affiliate manner that you’re perfectly capable, don’t build up each call to the extent that you’re nervous or worried about it. Just be aware that phone interviews are part of the process for being accepted into affiliate networks.

An Important Question About Traffic: There are several questions that affiliate networks are likely to ask you about traffic, and these can be very important when it comes to getting approved. The question of whether or not you use traffic that’s incentivized is likely to be raised. It’s very important that you clearly state that you never use incentivized traffic, or your application will not be approved. When people click on offers only to get incentives, they aren’t likely to be really interested in the offers, and the affiliate networks know this. This is a question you’ll only have to deal with when applying to companies who specialize in CPA offers. This type of company wants to make sure that the leads you supply them weren’t generated by offering prospects incentives/bribes.

These networks are seeking people who clicked on the offer strictly out of an interest in that product or service. So when you talk about the kind of traffic you’ll be generating, make it clear that it will be targeted and relevant.

Everyday lots of new marketers have their applications approved for acceptance with CPA network, and you can do the same, too.

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